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11 Awesome YouTube channel ideas for girls for Girls! (2021 Update)



In this article, I’ll discuss some fantastic YouTube channel ideas for girls who want to build a substantial following. While most YouTube channel ideas require dedication and effort to succeed, I’ll also delve into strategies to help newcomers get discovered on the platform. Let’s dive right in! 😁.


1. Digital Marketing

Despite being a predominantly male-dominated niche, digital marketing offers ample opportunities for successful women creators. Take Gillian Perkins, for instance, who grew her channel to nearly 300k subscribers in just two years. She shares invaluable tips on increasing social media following and online service marketing. The digital marketing niche is lucrative, as it attracts significant ad revenue due to its high CPM rates.


2. Art Channel for YouTube channel ideas for girls

Whether you have a passion for piano, painting, or handcrafting, starting an art-focused YouTube channel is a fantastic idea. AngieARTmanga, for example, specializes in manga drawings and has built a loyal following eager to learn from her creative process.


3. Knitting

  • Niching down, as exemplified by Kristin from Studio Knit, can lead to success. By focusing solely on knitting, she created a dedicated community interested in her content. A tightly focused channel can efficiently convert viewers into subscribers and potential customers, offering opportunities for collaborations with brands in the niche.


4. Home Decor

Consider a channel dedicated to home decor like Sensational Finds by Sarah, who shares budget-friendly tips for creating fabulous home interiors. This topic appeals to a broad audience, and you can discuss various aspects, from product reviews to the latest trends in home decor.

5. Relationships




Building loving relationships is an evergreen topic that resonates with audiences. Whether you focus on women, men, couples, marriage, or courtship, there’s a steady demand for relationship advice and insights. Research this niche for opportunities to become an influencer.

6. Women Rights

women's right Network


Advocating for women’s rights is not only a significant cause but also a trending topic. You can create educational content or delve into sub-niches like feminism to share your perspective and inspire change.

7. Niching Down on Beauty-Related Topics

It may come as a surprise, but some YouTube channels have achieved remarkable success by specializing in highly specific niches within the beauty industry, similar to Kristin’s approach with knitting.

An excellent example of this is Hannah, a self-taught nail artist who founded Nail Trail. Recently, she rebranded her channel as Hannah Weir, dedicating it exclusively to the art of nail design and care.


Let’s explore some of her most popular videos.

Her substantial following has been cultivated by creating videos demonstrating how to create stunning nail art designs in a DIY style.

In fact, her channel’s growth can be attributed to her unwavering focus on nail art. Over time, she has diversified her content to cover other topics, and her growth has continued unabated.

For those aspiring to become beauty influencers on YouTube, it’s essential to start by narrowing your focus. As you gain traction and build your audience, you can gradually expand the range of topics you cover.

This strategy isn’t limited to the beauty industry alone; it can be applied to any field. For instance, the fashion industry presents a vast market to tap into. Rather than attempting to cover a broad spectrum of fashion-related topics, consider starting with a specific niche and then expanding from there.

However, a word of caution: while niching down is valuable for establishing a dedicated audience, it’s essential to strike a balance. Niching down too narrowly can potentially limit your growth, so it’s crucial to research and find the optimal niche size that resonates with your target audience.

8. Gaming!

Absolutely, there are some fantastic female YouTubers making their mark in the gaming industry, and you have the potential to join their ranks!

Consider this: both men and women are enthusiastic about watching female gamers excel, entertain, and create humorous and engaging videos during their gaming sessions.

Let’s take Barbara as an example:

While her channel is still in its early stages, she’s already generating a significant income through various avenues like fan funding, AdSense, and sponsorships.

What sets Barbara’s channel apart and will be a game-changer in the long term is her commitment to hosting weekly live streams. This strategy enables her to connect with her fans on a deeper level, making them an integral part of her channel’s community.

So, if you have a passion for gaming, rest assured that there’s an audience waiting eager to be entertained by your videos. Don’t hesitate to give it a try and unleash your gaming creativity!”


9. Traveling (For Women)

In the realm of travel content on YouTube, male creators have historically held a significant presence. It’s therefore encouraging to witness channels like Backpacking Bananas thriving on this platform.

Consider this: You have the opportunity to provide valuable insights tailored specifically for women who are passionate about traveling. The preferences and needs of men and women vary, making a YouTube channel dedicated to sharing tips on safe solo travel, gaining confidence during solo trips, navigating travels with a partner, and similar topics extremely valuable.

Rest assured, there’s a substantial audience of women eager to hear travel advice and insights from fellow women, not just from men.

To further increase your chances of success, you can, as you might have guessed, narrow down your focus even more. Take, for instance, the example I mentioned earlier—Backpacking Bananas.

This channel is not merely a general travel platform; it caters specifically to backpacking enthusiasts. The creator excels in providing detailed guidance, especially beneficial for backpackers seeking information about the best hostels in different cities, tips for frugal living while traveling, and similar useful advice.

10. Parenting

When it comes to YouTube, there’s a treasure trove of high-demand searches, spanning from kids’ school projects to learning essential parenting skills like changing a diaper. You have the opportunity to step in as the helpful guide.

Whether you opt for a specialized sub-topic to educate your viewers or embark on a family vlogging journey, where you candidly share the everyday challenges of parenthood, your videos can be a valuable resource for many and, at the very least, entertaining to watch.

Moreover, family vlogs enjoy significant popularity on YouTube. What sets women’s perspectives on parenting apart from men’s is a cultural perception that women tend to be more nurturing, understanding, and patient when it comes to raising children. While this generalization doesn’t apply to every individual case, there is some truth to it.

As Sharon Bush, CEO of Teddy Shares, notes, mothers often prioritize their children’s comfort and security. From this standpoint, although it might not represent the full picture, you can create impactful YouTube content filled with valuable insights on effective communication with your children and strategies to ensure their safety and well-being.

11. Healthy Recipes for YouTube channel ideas for girls

Linda Sun

Certainly! If you’re looking for a channel on YouTube dedicated to healthy recipes, you’re in the right place. Let me introduce you to a fantastic YouTube channel that specializes in creating nutritious and delicious dishes to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle.

“Healthy Eats Delight” is your go-to destination for a wide variety of mouthwatering and health-conscious recipes. With a passion for wholesome cooking, our channel is all about making nutritious food that doesn’t compromise on flavor. Whether you’re a seasoned chef or a beginner in the kitchen, our easy-to-follow tutorials will inspire you to prepare delectable meals that nourish both your body and taste buds.

12. Motivation and Inspirational Content:


Inspire and motivate your viewers with uplifting and motivational content. Share your own stories of overcoming challenges, personal growth journeys, and strategies for achieving goals.

13. Beauty Product Reviews: 

product review & beauty
If you’re passionate about beauty products, consider reviewing and testing various cosmetics, skincare items, and haircare products. Offer honest opinions and beauty tips to help your viewers make informed purchasing decisions.

14. Culinary Adventures: 

Sweet village Explore the world of food by showcasing your culinary skills and food adventures. Share recipes, cooking techniques, and restaurant reviews. Food-related content appeals to a wide and engaged audience.

15. Gardening and Green Living: 

Green gold garden

Connect with nature enthusiasts by creating content focused on gardening, sustainable living, and eco-friendly practices. Share gardening tips, sustainable lifestyle choices, and DIY projects for a greener life.

Remember that your passion and authenticity are key to building a successful YouTube channel. Whichever niche you choose, stay true to your interests, connect with your audience, and consistently deliver valuable and engaging content to foster growth and community engagement. With dedication and creativity, your YouTube channel can flourish in any of these diverse and exciting niches.”

Related Questions

Question: What are some YouTube channel ideas tailored for girls that have the potential to build a massive following?

Answer: There are several YouTube channel ideas that cater to a female audience and have the potential to attract a massive following. Some great ideas include channels focused on digital marketing, art and creative expression, knitting, home decor, relationships, women’s rights advocacy, beauty-related topics, gaming, travel (especially for women), parenting, healthy recipes, and many more. The key is to choose a niche that aligns with your interests and expertise while providing valuable content that resonates with your target audience. With dedication and creativity, you can create a YouTube channel that not only builds a substantial following but also makes a positive impact.YouTube channel ideas for girls

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