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A Drawing YouTube Channel 2023 Smart Ways to Start


Exploring the Path to Launching Your Drawing YouTube Channel and Achieving Success as a Content CreatorDrawing, much like singing or mastering the guitar, is a beloved skill that many aspire to acquire. It’s a form of creative expression that resonates deeply with people, offering a sense of freedom and enrichment in the human experience.

If you aspire to establish yourself as a leading figure in this captivating artistic niche, it’s time to embark on your YouTube journey. In the following sections, I’ll provide you with valuable tips to kickstart your channel and set yourself on the path to success.

Let’s dive in

Get Found, Niche Down Start a Drawing YouTube Channel

f you want to get discovered on the platform and that people are easily able to recognize your channel then you should go specific, at first. This means that instead of just drawing any sort of things that comes to mind you could go specific and focus on Anime, let´s say, and start niching down so that people are able to easily recognize you and your work. After a while, and making enough videos that start to get some views you can slowly transition into different types of content that you are interested in within drawing. There are many benefits from niching down and going specific when getting started as a YouTuber: You´ll differentiate yourself from the rest of the creators as everybody tries to make their channels about pretty much everything and nothing in particular when starting out. You can start by aiming at specific searches people make on the platform and conquer long-tail keywords that are underserved, here´s an example for you to understand what I mean by this:”

Discover the Power of Niche Content on YouTube

If your goal is to stand out on the platform and build a recognizable channel, the key is to start with specificity.

Rather than creating a wide range of content, focus your efforts on a particular niche, such as Anime. This will help people easily identify you and your work.

As you produce more videos that begin to gain traction and views, you can gradually explore different types of content related to your interests within the realm of drawing.

There are numerous advantages to niching down and maintaining specificity when embarking on your YouTube journey:

  1. Distinguish Yourself: Many new creators tend to make channels that cover everything and anything. By specializing, you set yourself apart from the crowd.
  2. Targeted Searches: You can cater to specific search queries on the platform and dominate in areas where there’s a lack of content. For instance, think of long-tail keywords that are currently underserved.

By adopting a niche-focused approach, you’ll not only increase your chances of getting discovered but also create a strong and dedicated audience within your chosen field.

Numerous opportunities exist in niches with lower competition compared to broader, more conspicuous searches. The more you hone your craft, the greater your potential to attract an audience. By providing a clear path from beginner to advanced within your domain, your progress in your art will naturally lead your followers on a similar journey.

 Get Inspired by Top Creators

“Numerous opportunities of this kind are available, often with lower competition compared to broader, more common searches. As you delve deeper into your craft, your audience will increasingly appreciate your content. By guiding them from novice to expert as you advance in your art, you’ll see your followers’ growth mirror your own!”

Numerous outstanding examples are available for you to explore, and the ones mentioned here are merely a starting point. I strongly encourage you to conduct your own search to discover creators who resonate with you the most. 😏

 Document the Journey

You’ll not only be able to create more content but also produce meaningful, value-driven material by transparently sharing your artistic journey step by step. There is immense power in showcasing your vulnerability and the unfiltered process of developing your art.

Content creators who have the courage to share their struggles and offer assistance to others through this kind of content tend to achieve remarkable success. Audiences actively seek out such content on platforms like YouTube, as they are looking for authentic, non-institutionalized approaches to learning creative skills. They want real mentors who share their own early struggles and guide them through the challenges of mastering this beautiful craft.

For instance, consider the Draw with Jazza channel, where a video discusses the business side of art and features GaryVee, a highly successful entrepreneur with a substantial following. GaryVee shares valuable advice on navigating today’s social media-driven, content-based world.

Gary’s core message revolves around the idea of documenting instead of creating. Being authentic and real, rather than focusing on highly polished content, is of paramount importance in today’s landscape, especially if you have long-term aspirations for your artistic career. Authenticity builds trust, likability, and keeps your audience engaged. This approach also facilitates the creation of more content and the scaling of your artistic business.


Harness the Power of YouTube SEO

I often stress the importance of SEO in my posts because it’s a powerful tool when used effectively. YouTube SEO, in particular, can significantly enhance your content’s visibility and performance if you understand how it works.

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, involves optimizing your content, in this case, your videos, to rank better on search engines like Google and YouTube. YouTube SEO shares the same objective, with a focus on promoting content that caters to viewer searches.

YouTube’s ecosystem has unique features, setting it apart from Google. The YouTube homepage showcases channels that align with viewer interests, a feature distinct from Google’s search results. Suggested videos are another key aspect, functioning similarly to the homepage by recommending other channels and videos relevant to the viewer’s prior searches.

So, how can you position yourself to be featured in these sections and receive platform promotion?

Here’s the strategy:

Create improved versions of proven video ideas.

Identify successful video concepts that have performed well on the platform or select popular videos from your favorite creators. Then, craft content that is inspired by these ideas, but with an emphasis on making it even better.

Here’s how:”

  • Go to your favorite channel and click on “Videos”.
  • Next, arrange the results by selecting the “Most Popular” filter, and you’ll discover a list of (at minimum) 5 to 10 video concepts featuring tried-and-true keywords. These keywords have a strong track record and can yield excellent results if you can produce content of equal or superior quality.

Building a Successful YouTube Channel: Strategies for Growth

Diversify Your Content

To ensure your YouTube channel thrives, a smart strategy is to diversify your content. This means producing a wide range of videos on topics that align with your audience’s interests. By doing so, you’ll create a comprehensive video library that caters to different preferences.

With enough content variety, you can curate a full list of videos you can draw inspiration from when crafting your next video.

Collaborate Effectively

Another effective method to grow your YouTube channel is through collaborations with fellow content creators. Collaborations expose your brand to new audiences who share similar interests.

When it comes to collaborations, it’s crucial to follow certain principles for success. Here are some key guidelines:
  • Follow YouTube’s Guidelines: The Creator Academy offers valuable tips for successful collaborations, from connecting with potential partners to cross-promotion strategies and converting viewers into subscribers.
  • Choose Partners by Interest, Not Subscribers: Instead of solely considering the number of subscribers a potential partner has, focus on selecting collaborators whose audiences align with yours. A partnership that provides mutual value to both sets of fans will yield the best results.
  • Plan Ahead: If you initiate a collaboration, ensure you plan ahead. Have a clear proposal in mind to present to your potential partner. Being prepared demonstrates professionalism and readiness.
  • Achieve Growth Through Consistency

The debate between quantity and quality in content creation is age-old. This dilemma applies to YouTube and various other platforms. Content creators often grapple with whether to produce daily videos or focus on creating exceptional content with a weekly release schedule.

The truth is, both approaches can be successful. It’s all about finding the right balance.

Some prominent YouTubers, like Gary Vee and Evan Carmicle, emphasize the significance of creating more content to thrive online. They argue that consistent content production is key to building a substantial online presence.

In fact, Evan Charmaine discusses this in detail in a video available here: [Insert Link to Evan’s Video].

Ultimately, the choice between quantity and quality depends on your specific goals and your audience’s preferences. Whether you opt for frequent content or high-quality videos, maintaining consistency in your release schedule is vital to building and retaining a loyal subscriber base.

In the ever-evolving world of YouTube, flexibility and adaptation to your audience’s needs are essential for long-term growth.”

This revised text misbalance content’s message while enhancing its readability and SEO potential.

On the flip side, there are exceptional content creators like Matt D’Avella, whose primary philosophy revolves around producing less but crafting content of exceptional quality, ensuring that each piece is truly meaningful.

Matt has discovered that you can achieve substantial growth by relieving the burden of pressure and dedicating your efforts to crafting something outstanding and distinctive, all at your own pace.

If you haven’t already, I highly recommend checking out his channel.

“The key takeaway?

When it comes to producing content online, the aim is not to compromise on quality. Strive to deliver your best work with the resources at your disposal. However, here’s the catch…

The more content you create, the quicker and better results you’re likely to achieve – that’s a fact.

Remember this as you navigate the delicate balance between quality and quantity. Implement strategies that can enhance your individual experience as a YouTuber.

Boost Views with SEO Playlists

As you can probably tell, I’m quite passionate about SEO and its manifold advantages. Now, while the earlier strategy I discussed for YouTube SEO is undeniably effective at boosting your content’s exposure, here’s another technique you can effortlessly put into practice, and it doesn’t require creating entirely new content.


You can leverage the power of SEO Playlists!

In essence, you’ll be optimizing playlists to attract search traffic, utilizing your existing videos. Here’s how you can do it:

Start by identifying related videos that can be grouped into a cohesive playlist. Think of it as an in-depth tutorial or a collection of videos centered around a specific topic. For instance, if you create videos on drawing faces, you can compile a playlist consisting of related content.

Once you’ve assembled your playlist, it’s essential to use the target keyword you want to rank for in both the playlist’s title and within the description of each video included

Like this example:

By following this strategy, you’ll enhance your ability to achieve higher rankings for your videos using more prominent keywords relevant to your niche, resulting in increased views from search traffic.

In Conclusion Drawing YouTube Channel

Building a successful YouTube channel is a challenging endeavor, and it’s not a quick journey, although occasional surges in growth are possible. It requires some effort to kickstart your channel, and patience is key before you start seeing tangible results.

I trust that the information provided here will assist you in launching or expanding your drawing-themed YouTube channel. If you have any questions or seek further insights on this topic, feel free to explore my other posts – all of which are available for free.

Wishing you the best on your journey


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